Mt. Holyoke College Art Museum Director Keynotes "Sisters and Art" Event at Artetude

Dr. John Stromberg at Artetude Gallery

Dr. John Stromberg at Artetude Gallery

24 Feb 2013 - With over thirty past and future alumni, spouses and family, Artetude Gallery was proud to host "Sisters and Art" - a celebration of Mt Holyoke alumni highlighted by an outstanding lecture by Dr. John Stomberg, Florence Finch Abbott Director of the Mount Holyoke Art Museum, speaking on "Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership Through Art ". This outstanding, entertaining and informative talk explored the past, present and future of the Art Museum, its collection and its ambitious and innovative educational and curatorial initiatives.

Margaret "Kenny" Offermann, MD, PhD '76 co-owner of Artetude Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina's newest contemporary fine art gallery ( gave a history of the Gallery and Sisters & Art Reception followed by Mary Dryselius '66 who introduced Dr. Stomberg,  

The event drew alumni from across North and South Carolina.



Mary Dryselius '66 introduces Margaret "Kenny" Offermann; MD, PhD co-owner of Artetude Gallery.


Dr. Stomberg's Lecture


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