Monoprinting is the art form employed by Alyson Markell when she explores the potential for the unexpected. The formal language of monoprinting is based in the painterly exploration of inverse image transfer using ink as the medium. In Markell’s world of monoprints, the abstract nature of the transfer opens a door into the realm of expression that defines the immediacy of the original plate by blurring the lines between the fine art of painting and printing. Markell is interested in the beauty of classic monotype. Monoprints are a form of printmaking where just one unique print is made from the plate. The ink is applied directly to the surface of a thin plate. The brushing and wiping of ink creates a beautiful spontaneous surface that reflects both painting and drawing. Each print is done on archival paper and is a unique creation.

Markell’s background is steeped in the tradition of the nude and figure as subject matter. She spent 10 years using her creative and artistic talents at Industrial Light & Magic, a division of Lucas Digital in San Francisco, California, where she created animal and human characters for dozens of blockbuster hit movies. Trained as a traditional sculptor, painter and modeler, Markell has garnered a reputation for capturing the likeness of animals and fanciful creatures on film and in fine art. In 2006, Markell returned to New York State and is now engaged in a full time occupation of monoprinting in her fine art studio.


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