Artetude Gallery is excited to announce the addition of sculptor Robert Winkler during summer 2014.

Here is what Robert has to say about his work:

My works begin as ideas, based on form, volume and balance. At each stage of development, the exploration of light and shadow and the push against the force of gravity describe the tension of human experience, the conflict between the limitations imposed by our individual histories, and the ability of our minds to imagine other possibilities.

As a sculptor, my objective is to find infinite variation within a common vocabulary of forms, creating dynamic, unwinding gestures through the use of repetition and incremental gradations. Without so much as a single curved cut I am able to achieve serpentine animated shapes that engage the viewer with their power and illusion of movement.

The intent in all of my work is to engage the public. As people walk past and around my outdoor sculptures, they are offered a different view from each angle as they appear to move and change form, while the negative space that is integral to their design creates an additional dimension through the movement of light and shadows throughout the day.