March 8th, Opening Reception, Jo Ridge Kelley

Turquoise Series,  Imagine II,  11" x 22", oil on canvas

Turquoise Series, Imagine II, 11" x 22", oil on canvas

On Friday March 8th from 5:30-8:30 pm, Artetude Gallery will be hosting an Opening Reception for an exhibition of new works by Jo Ridge Kelley.  This exciting new series by Kelley will be on display from March 6 - April 8, 2013.  The reception is open to the public, with food and drink for all.  Please join us for this wonderful event.  

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Artetude Gallery hosts Mt. Holyoke Alumni

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On Sunday, February 24th, Artetude Gallery hosted a gathering of Mt. Holyoke alumni.  The event featured John Stomberg as guest lecturer with an introduction by Margaret Offermann, co-owner of Artetude Gallery and class of '76.  Stomberg, Florence Finch Abbot Director at the Mt. Holyoke Art Museum, gave a lecture about his three year plan for the museum entitled "Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership Through Art."  The plan's mission encourages the integration of teaching in the presence of art by making the museum and collection accessible to professors of all discipline at the college. To watch video click below...

New Artist: Ramona Bronkar Bannayan

Artetude is pleased to announce the addition of Ramona Bronkar Bannayan to our cache of artists.  Ramona comes to us from New York City. 

Ramona Bronkar Bannayan received a dual Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art and Art History from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.  Ramona completed an intensive landscape painting program at Maryland Art Institute and went on to earn her Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Columbia University and currently lives in New York, New York.

Ramona exclusively uses pastels and charcoal to create small 8” x 8” landscapes.  She has had many solo and group exhibitions, including shows at the University of Connecticut and the Paesaggio Gallery in West Hartford, Connecticut.  One of her images was even selected for interpretation by poet Mark Doty.

Here is what Ramona has to say about her work:

“I require a limited boundary to propel my search for an image.  Each series derives from a memory supported by my own Diana camera and digital photographs or other historical landscape paintings. This is a methodology that requires internalization rather than a direct response.  Ideally, seeing is slowed down, and the unique nature of each work becomes all the more noticeable.  Making drawings through the windowpane of memory softens the edges even further, but I’m constantly aware of that tightrope between sentimentality and structure.  We remember some things, forget others, and that which is important to us nudges forward.  For me, the intrigue always begins with the horizon, that distant point where the ephemeral caresses solidity.  Time of day is also important.  I am absorbed not only by the light and ambience of dawn and dusk, but the subliminal emotional associations in beginning or ending another day.   Formally, in some respect over the years, my apparatus for a visual articulation of space has been contradictory.  Ultimately, I waffle between an implied and an atmospheric perspective.  However, with this most recent body of work, the scales have tipped toward the atmospheric.  Not a vista, these explorations of space through the landscape are analogous to an object with a human scale, the width of your open hand or the space between your ears.  Further to actual format, historically, painting on a rectangle suggests that the spatial moment continued beyond its edges. Conversely, my preference is for the equilateral element of a square.  It implies containment, a singular intimate space, rather than an extended scene, reinforcing the personal human element.

Realistically, the wonderment and spirituality of sky, weather and land are basic notions earnestly experienced and thus fully remembered in my mid-western bones.  I cannot escape them.”

Untitled #7

Untitled #7

A comprehensive look at Ramona's work may be found on her Artist page.

Gala Grand Opening of Artetude Gallery

October 19th - 21st, 2012

As downtown Asheville’s newest fine art gallery, Artetude Gallery Inc. has held off having a Grand Opening event until now. But, the wait is over and the event is planned for the weekend of October 19th through the 21st.  We chose this weekend after careful consideration, because it was our desire that our traveling friends and associates come to Asheville for a fun packed weekend during the city’s peak season.  It is our goal to showcase the gallery and our artists as well as Asheville and the North Carolina Mountains in their peak season. The Southern Highlands Craft Guild Show and the majestic autumnal colors of the surrounding mountains are simply the icing on the cake for our invitees. This event is open to everyone and if you have not had the opportunity to visit our gallery this will be a perfect time to do so.

The event itself will kickoff Friday evening with an Artist’s reception from 6pm to 9pm.  All of our artists will be traveling to Asheville from all over the country for entire weekend-long event. There will be music and hors'derves along with some great libations. The main show will run from 2:00 pm until 9:00 pm on Saturday with great jazz, food and drink. This will be a wonderful chance to spend time with your favorite artists from the gallery and have the artists add a personalized provenance to any work of art you choose to add to your collection. Sunday afternoon will be the cool down time for our traveling guests to enjoy their latest acquisition before they head home and wait for the shipment.


In addition to enjoying the weekend and the wonderful artwork at the gallery, we will also be shedding more light on our joint initiative with the Mission Foundation called Contemporary Art on a Mission. We are pleased to have this association and look forward to a positive relationship that gives back to the health and well being of the Asheville family.

We look forward to seeing many of our old friends and meeting all the new ones that chose to join the festivities of the weekend. So come on into the gallery and join us along with our artists for the ArtEtude Gallery Gala Grand Opening.

ArtEtude Gallery & Mission Foundation Announce Partnership

Artetude Gallery, Inc., a contemporary fine art gallery, partners with Mission Healthcare Foundation to support cancer programs at Mission Hospital

 “Contemporary Art on a Mission” links a portion of art sales to the support of SECU Cancer Center programs

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina, August 1, 2012. As Asheville’s newest contemporary fine art gallery, Artetude Gallery, Inc. is pleased to announce a new and innovative program, “Contemporary Art on a Mission”, with the Mission Health Foundation in which Artetude Gallery, Inc. pledges a portion of retail art sales to support the cancer programs at Mission Hospital.

“We are excited to bring to Asheville and Western North Carolina compelling cutting edge sculpture, painting, monoprints and photography from nationally and internationally recognized artists, and we are proud to partner with Mission Healthcare Foundation as an important part of our commitment to support the cultural, social and physical health of our new home community” said Margaret K. Offermann, MD, PhD, President of Artetude Gallery. Dr. Offermann, a medical oncologist, was the founding past Medical Director of the recently opened SECU Cancer Center at Mission Hospital.

“Given Mission Health’s commitment to providing both a state-of-the-art facility in the new SECU Cancer Center, but also enhancing the level of services available to all the residents of Western North Carolina, having the support of fine community businesses like Artetude Gallery is critical to both reducing cancer and increasing the survival rates in our region,” said Bruce Thorsen, President and CEO of Mission Foundation.   “Our trustees are committed to helping cancer patients receive the very latest technology and treatments right here near home, and that is going to take generous gifts and grants to bring high caliber research and researchers to Asheville to work at the SECU Cancer Center.  We are delighted with our partnership with Artetude Gallery and hope others will follow their lead,” Thorsen concluded.

“We are proud to work with Mission Healthcare Foundation through ‘Contemporary Art on a Mission’ to realize our goal of building a dynamic and sustainable business model through which contemporary art collecting contributes on a continuing philanthropic basis to the community”, said Russell Medford MD, PhD, Chairman of Artetude Gallery, Inc. Dr. Medford is President and CEO of Salutria Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biotechnology company developing new drugs for the treatment of heart disease, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I am pleased to be a part of this new endeavor between the business and philanthropic communities,” stated Perry Magee, Director of Artetude Gallery. “We believe this initiative is a natural expression of the commitment to community that all of us at the gallery feel. It also complements well our corporate commitments to support and grow the careers of our artists, to create new contemporary art collectors and to exceed the needs and expectations of established collectors”. Mr. Magee brings extensive experience in the business of art through senior positions at contemporary fine art galleries in New Orleans, LA and Carmel, California.

About Artetude Gallery, Inc.

Founded 1 June 2012 by two physician-scientists with a love for contemporary art and deep respect for the symbiosis between collector and artist, Artetude Gallery, Inc. is Asheville’s newest contemporary fine art gallery featuring compelling, cutting edge sculpture, painting and photography from nationally and internationally recognized artists. With each piece of art, Artetude Gallery is committed to developing long-term term relationships with both new and established art collectors to help them realize their vision in building the finest and most meaningful contemporary art collections for their home and office. The Gallery’s “Contemporary Art on a Mission” program with Mission Healthcare Foundation reflects the philosophy of its owners and employees by building a dynamic and sustainable business model through which contemporary art collecting contributes on a continuing, philanthropic basis to the cultural and physical health of our Asheville and western North Carolina communities.

Margaret K. Offermann, MD, PhD, President of Artetude Gallery, Inc. is former Deputy National Vice-President of Research for the American Cancer Society and former Professor of Medicine and Associate Director of the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is currently president-elect of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, located in metropolitan Washington, DC.

Russell M. Medford MD, PhD, Chairman of Artetude Gallery Inc. is former Chairman of Georgia BIO, currently on the Board of Directors of BIO (Biotechnology Industry Organization) based in Washington, DC, on the Board of Advisors, Institute for Bioscience and Bioengineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, and on the Board of Directors, National Health Museum.

About Mission Healthcare Foundation

Mission Foundation is a 27-year-old not-for-profit public charity that supports the services and programs of Mission Hospital and Mission Health.  The Foundation trustees and staff seek contributions and grants from individuals, corporate, civic and governmental sources to provide financial stability and underwriting for a wide variety of programs and projects that serve thousands of people in Western North Carolina. Those programs include: Mission Children’s Hospital; The Ladies Night Out Mammography program; the MAMA helicopters, genetic counseling services; nursing and allied health education; The SECU Cancer Center; Mission’s Stroke Program , Mission’s Heart Center and the Toothbuses, mobile dental offices giving free or low cost dental care to grade school children in the region. The Foundation is governed by a 29-member board of Trustees and is based in Asheville.

For more information, visit us at Artetude Gallery, 89 Paxton Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina, 28801, our website at or contact Perry Magee, Gallery Director, Artetude Gallery, Inc.,, 828-2521466.

American Society of Interior Designers Event

The American Society of Interior Designers Carolinas NW held their July meeting at ArtEtude Gallery on July 19. We were honored to have ASID use our gallery's space for this exciting event. This  was a great opportunity for local professionals to see our gallery, admire our exhibited art, and build our relationships within the community. 

ASID's Victoria "Vicki" Schomer led the meeting, after which, gallery director, Perry Magee, welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. A brief speech was then given by the gallery president, Dr. Margaret "Kenny" Offermann. Dr. Offermann's connection to the Mission Hospital led to our joint decision with the Mission Foundation to donate 5% of our sales to their cancer center. Sculptors, Amy Medford and Leonid Siveriver, were also present at the meeting, and shared a bit about their work. 

After the formal part of the meeting, food and refreshments by Everyday Gourmet were enjoyed by all.  To finish off the evening, an iPad was raffled to off to the lucky Sydney Godfrey of PBI Commercial Designs.

From left: Sharon Allard, VP of Allard & Roberts Interior Design, gallery president, Margaret Offermann, gallery chairman, Russell Medford, and Talli Robers, President of Allard & Roberts Interior Design

From left: Sharon Allard, VP of Allard & Roberts Interior Design, gallery president, Margaret Offermann, gallery chairman, Russell Medford, and Talli Robers, President of Allard & Roberts Interior Design

Sydney Godfrey, of PBI Commercial Designs, is the winner of the iPad raffle

Sydney Godfrey, of PBI Commercial Designs, is the winner of the iPad raffle

Artetude Signs New Artist, Robert Asman

20 x 16
20 x 16

Artetude Gallery, Inc. is pleased to announce Robert Asman as the newest addition to our gallery.  The Asheville-based artist will be featured as our “Artist of the Month” for August.  On Sunday, August 12th­ at 2:00pm, Robert will discuss his photographic-based works on paper, as well as his life and inspirations.

For most of the last thirty-five years, Robert Asman has been devoted to investigating and stretching the conceptual and technical boundaries of silver prints.  As an alchemist of the dark room, Asman’s creations come to form in the darkroom through the boundless manipulation of paper negatives and chemicals.  His explorations and technique bind human form, urbanism and nature.  Asman approaches art making as a transformative process, in which he mines the physical properties of his materials to create a work on paper in which process and image are one.