Jeanne Bessette “I am the Sun” Oct 19th- Nov 12th 2013

Sun symbols are among the oldest of all images that people have carved on stones, rocks, and bones.  The symbol of the solar sphere was worn as a talisman by many ancient cultures.  The sun is recognized as a shared source of life for all beings.  “I am the Sun” is an exhibition by acclaimed artist Jeanne Bessette.  The show open at Artetude Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina on Saturday, October 19, 2013 from 6-8 pm.

Bessette explained that “I am the Sun,’ is inspired, as is all of her work, by the internal landscape of our humanness, how we relate to each other and our world around us.”  Bessette was born in Massachusetts, but spent her youth in the state of Rhode Island.  It was there that she attended the Rhode Island School of Photography and began her path towards becoming a professional artist.  Jeanne owned and operated a successful photography studio for thirteen years before she dedicated herself solely to painting. At one time Bessette remarked that she was “born to be an artist.” It is a passion and a present part of her daily existence.

Jeanne’s paintings are a method of storytelling, a contemplative way to escape the external world and immerse oneself in a milieu of emotion and connection. She is interested in human spirituality, quirks, and our emotional landscape.  For this exhibition Bessette relates that, “the pieces in this series are my questions and curiosities exploring the concept and my personal belief that we are all connected; that there is no separation of identities but that there is a certain oneness to all things.” 

Jeanne has achieved great recognition and success by striving to connect with her viewer on a level beyond words.  She states it like this:  “I love that my work touches people on a deep heart level... people share (this) when they see my work. It’s more than paint on a canvas. It’s an exploration into a storytelling method using paint and cloth. I tend to delve deeply in my work and people usually have a visceral reaction to that. It feels right when it happens.”

“ I am the Sun,” will be on display at Arteude Gallery from Tuesday, October 15, 2013 until Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 89 Patton Avenue in Asheville, North Carolina.