"EquusArt" Monotypes by Alyson Markell

Artetude Gallery is pleased to announce “EquusArt” -  a new exhibition of extraordinary monoprints by New York based artist Alyson Markell, from 17 June to 14 July, 2013.

Alyson Markell’s evocative and beautifully executed monoprints of the horse will invite the viewer to, as the Australian poet Pam Brown has written of the horse  “[to project] peoples' dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful” and  “giving us escape from our mundane existence”. Alyson’s profound love for and knowledge of the horse and the modern horse culture is reflected in this new exhibition “EquusArt”. Her artistic vision and technical mastery of the monoprint has enabled her to capture with emotional resonance the grace, power and fluidity of motion of the horse. EquusArt explores the abstract nature of the monoprint’s image transfer of ink that opens a door into a realm of expression that blurs the lines between the fine art of painting and printing.  Markell’s unique creations of this enduring and powerful artistic and cultural symbol trace their lineage to the prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux circa 16,000 BCE through Impressionism and early modern art with Edward Degas and Pablo Picasso to the late-20th century works of Susan Rothenberg.

Markell’s artistic career includes over 10 years using her creative and artistic talents at Industrial Light & Magic, a division of Lucas Digital in San Francisco, California, where she created animal and human characters for dozens of blockbuster hit movies including Harry Potter (Sorcer’s Stone and Order of the Phoenix), Mission:Impossible III, Men in Black II, Jurassic Park III and Star Wars: Episode 1. Trained as a traditional sculptor, painter and modeler, Markell has garnered a well-deserved reputation for capturing the likeness of animals and fanciful creatures on film and in fine art. As of 2006, Markell has focused exclusively on monoprinting in her studio in New York.


Blue Rider  34 x 22

Blue Rider

34 x 22