Season of Sculpture

On Display Until February 16th

Artetude Gallery's Season of Sculpture features internationally recognized sculptors among the scenic winter landscape of Downtown Asheville's premiere Gallery community.

Robert Winkler has this to say about his own work: "My works began as ideas, based on form, volume and balance. At each stage of development, the exploration of light and shadow and the push against the force of gravity describe the tension of human experience, the conflict between the limitations imposed by our individual histories, and the ability of our minds to imagine other possibilities."

Amy Medford's sculptures focus on bringing out the natural qualities of the materials that she uses, while communicating the subtleties of interpersonal relationships.

Leonid Siveriver's sculptures portray a unique and powerful visual language inspired by ritual objects from ancient cultures. His current works display compelling and enduring modern sculptural forms demonstrating a mastery of classical composition and narrative.

                                                                       Spirit #10 by  Leonid siveriver

                                                                       Spirit #10 by Leonid siveriver