Pat Zalisko will join Artetude in February 2014

Pat Zalisko, ©2013 Katherine Godina, KG Design

Pat Zalisko, ©2013 Katherine Godina, KG Design

We are delighted to announce that nationally recognized abstract artist Pat Zalisko will be joining Artetude Gallery in February.

One of her first creative experiences involved childhood memories of painting intricate Ukrainian eggs. Many years later, her powerful and evocative abstract work often echoes the bright coloration of pysanky. This distinctly feminist art form was developed thousands of years earlier and has ritualistically been taught to Ukrainian girls and women. Born and raised in New York City, she was encouraged to pursue a practical career as an attorney.  She retired from a successful legal career and fully embraced her passion for painting in her new Florida environs. Over the past several years, her art has regularly appeared in major private and public collections in the United States and abroad. Most recently, she was selected for inclusion in the prestigious Florida Biennial at the Museum of Florida Art, and her piece, Sidestepper, was published by the New York Times in June 2009 and subsequently featured in the exhibition, Rise-Fall, commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

When asked what inspires her creativity, Zalisko explained that, “My art comes from a place that’s visceral, a place of sensation and emotion without thinking or analysis.” Zalisko notes, “while assertively applying drawing and painting elements on supports, powerful memories and perceptions bubble up. Prompts, like music and reading, trigger recollections of poignant events. Responses are recorded and explored as I toggle back and forth between this cognitive state and my instincts and intuition.”

The resulting visual language is a metaphor for life’s transitions and experience.  Her work will be on view in the gallery beginning February 1, 2014.