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On Display Now: 

Asheville in the Third Dimension

June 5th- August 2nd

In a continued celebration of our third anniversary, Artetude is pleased to feature founding sculptors, Amy Medford and Leonid Siveriver together with iconic photographer Robert Asman for Asheville in the Third Dimension. 

Meet the artists while enjoying food & drink at the
First Friday Art Walk, July 3rd, 5-8pm

Spirit 14 by Leonid Siveriver, Bronze, 37" x 12" x 12"   $26,000
The figureheads of Siveriver's striking Spirit series appear, at first glance, as headdresses of the battle-ready. The longer one looks, however, the more one sees the familiarity of a face behind the armor. Next to the serrated edges and weatherworn surface of Siveriver's forms, Amy Medford's figures strain against their weighted pedestals, flesh wrestling to life from marble and clay, each caught in a moment of transformation.
The Conversation by Amy Medford, Terracota,  34"   $5,700
Complimenting these figures that stand and twist and rise up in space, we are proud to exhibit the stunning silver prints of Robert Asman. The artist's layering of special effects, expertly executed in the darkroom, create a dizzying sense of depth that transcends the two-dimensional nature of his medium. 
Half Gone by Robert Asman
Half Gone by Robert Asman, Silver Gelatin Print, 16"h x 20"w, $1,250
These featured artists have lived and worked in locales around the world, from Philadelphia and New Jersey to Israel and Italy, are now firmly planted on Asheville turf.  "The Third Dimension" refers to objects in space in which depth is added to height and width.  While sculptures are clearly three dimensional, Asman's mono prints create a 3-D feeling through the juxtaposition of subject matter and the layering of special effects done in the darkroom.
There is also a philosophic meaning to "third dimension" in which the reality of significance is intensified by added dimensions.  The works of Asman, Medford and Siveriver are all contemplative, and the deeper one looks, the more there is to be seen and felt.

Outreach Events

Artetude at The Ramble
Artetude joined up with The Ramble Biltmore Forest for our POP UP Fine Art! event. This special event brought our fine art to the doorstep of some lucky locals who call The Ramble home. 

Attendees were able to enjoy refreshments and see original gallery artwork as well as a multimedia show designed to share insights into contemporary fine art. Sculptors Amy Medford and Leonid Siveriver met attendees and shared information about the creative and technical processes involved with making sculptures in materials that include bronze and marble.

In case you missed it, we will be having more events coming up!   Come enjoy fine art, snacks and wine in the beautiful settings of these gated communities. Please see below for details. Please note these are events are free and open to our guests who RSVP, so that your name is on the list for the security gate.

Artetude Gallery Presents... 
Artetude at The Ramble 2014
Artetude At The Ramble 2014

Pop Up Fine Art!

We look forward to introducing our friends and colleagues to our exciting contemporary art and the talented artists who create it.

We hope you will be able to join us to enjoy art, music, food, drink and each others company at the height of the art season in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.  

We are very excited to have these events in some of Western North Carolina's most prestigious gated communities.  

Please RSVP by sending us an email to


Wednesday, July 22nd, 5-7pm
The Cliffs At Walnut Cove
3 Cliffs Ridge Parkway, Arden, NC 28704
Free Event With
Wine | Beverages | Snack


Friday July 31st 6-8 pm
The Ramble Biltmore Forest
5 Valley Springs Road, Biltmore Forest, NC 28803
Free Event with RSVP
Wine | Beverages | Snacks 


Saturday August 1st, 6-8 pm
The Ramble Biltmore Forest
5 Valley Springs Road, Biltmore Forest, NC 28803
Free Event with RSVP
Wine | Beverages | Snacks 


Leonid Siveriver describing his process
Leonid Siveriver describing the process of marble carving.

Leonid Siveriver Presents...

Renowned sculptor Leonid Siveriver was on hand for our first Friday Art Walk back in April discussing the process of marble carving and bronze casting.  

Leonid welcomes the opportunity to share his knowledge with others interested in sculpture and ceramics. This summer he will be accepting new students in his Weaverville studio to showcase and teach his artistic language to others... Please contact the gallery for more information. 

Artetude Gallery

After receiving his B.F.A. from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, the Ukrainian-born artist followed his love of sculpture to Italy where he mastered marble carving at the renowned Foundry Tomassi. Leonid has also studied extensively at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute for Sculpture in New Jersey, where he met Amy Medford who became his wife and co-creator.

Bethany Pierce

Gallery Assistant

We are excited to introduce Bethany Pierce as our newest addition to the gallery family!  Bethany was born and raised in southern Ohio were she attended Miami University, completing a B.F.A. in Painting and an M.A. in Creative Writing.  After three years as a studio artist and gallery assistant at The McGuffey Art Center collaborative in Charlottesville, Virginia, Bethany relocated to Asheville to be a part of the vibrant River Arts District and to permanently call the Blue Ridge Mountains home.  As gallery assistant, she looks forward to working with clients one-one-one to build beautiful private collections for both home and office.

Upcoming Events

"Visual Introspection"
August 7th - September 30th, 2015.

Featuring works by:
Ramona Bronkar Bannyan
Jeanne Bessette 
Barbara Fisher

Dive into the depths of internal contemplation and expression.  Maneuvering through our vast perceptions, memories and abstractions of the subconscious mind, these artists arrive into the confinements of creative clarity and expression, through introspection.  

"Reflections on the Natural World / Natural Viewpoints"
October 2nd - November 30th, 2015

Featuring works by:
Faye Earnest
Jo Ridge Kelley
William Vandever

We are lucky enough to have artists from all over the Eastern US to share with us their viewpoints of the natural world around them. Through the mediums of painting and photography, we are allowed to take a peek into the many natural environments surrounding them.
First Friday Art Walks           
  • July 3rd, 5 - 8 pm
  • August 7th, 5 - 8 pm
  • September 4th, 5 - 8 pm
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What a fabulous way to welcome warmer weather!  

 If you weren't able to join us for the First Friday Art Walk on April 3rd, there is still time to see new works from Grant PennySuzy Schultz and Karen Titus Smith.  Our exhibition "New Artists and Old Friends" runs through May 31st. 

However, you may have missed a chance to speak with our guest artist and Asheville's own Grant Penny about his exceptional collage work. Upon closely examining his work, it is natural to look past the simplicity of his subjects, as the complexity and discipline in his design process shines through upon careful inspection.  The simple joys of existence are admittedly inspiring to Penny, however the beauty within the process is what truly makes his work merit a second look. 

Artist  Grant Penny  telling a guest about his process. April 3rd, 2015 Pictured:  Destination Unnecessary  by  Grant Penny , paper collage on cradled panel

Artist Grant Penny telling a guest about his process. April 3rd, 2015
Pictured: Destination Unnecessary by Grant Penny, paper collage on cradled panel

Guests enjoy work from some of our longest held and the newest members of the Artetude Artist family.  April 3rd, 2015  Pictured:  Dialogue , by  Amy Medford , bronze

Guests enjoy work from some of our longest held and the newest members of the Artetude Artist family.  April 3rd, 2015  Pictured: Dialogue, by Amy Medford, bronze

Pansies  by  Karen Titus Smith , Oil on canvas, 12"h x 12"w $1,020

Pansies by Karen Titus Smith, Oil on canvas, 12"h x 12"w $1,020

Gospel Singer   3  by  Suzy Schultz , Solar plate etching, 8.5"h x 10.25"w Framed to 16.5"h x 18.5"w $350

Gospel Singer 3 by Suzy Schultz, Solar plate etching, 8.5"h x 10.25"w
Framed to 16.5"h x 18.5"w $350

Discovering Your Language:
Bronze & Marble Sculpting with Amy & Leonid

Leonid Siveriver and Amy Medford will be at the gallery for our next First Friday Art Walk with a fascinating digital presentation and discussion of the processes involved in marble carving and bronze casting.  

Come meet these incredibly talented sculptors and see what inspires them in their moment of creation!  

They're passion and creativity will lead you into their sculpting world and introduce you to their own artistic language and processes.  This rare insight into some of the most astounding methodologies involved in two of mankind's oldest art forms is definitely not to be missed!

First Friday Art Walk: May 1st, 2015 
5 - 8 PM (Presentation begins at 6:30 PM)
Free Admission
Wine & Refreshments Provided

   Ashtoreth  by  Amy Medford , marble, 12"h x 16" x 16"w, $27,200

   Ashtoreth by Amy Medford, marble, 12"h x 16" x 16"w, $27,200

                                                                       Spirit #14  by  Leonid Siveriver , bronze, 37"h x 12" x 12"w, $26,000

                                                                       Spirit #14 by Leonid Siveriver, bronze, 37"h x 12" x 12"w, $26,000

Asheville in the Third Dimension

June 5th- August 2nd

Featured artists for “Asheville in the Third Dimension” are sculptors  and Leonid Siveriver and monoprint photographer Robert Asman, artists who have lived and worked in locales around the world, from Philadelphia and New Jersey to Israel and Italy, and now they are firmly planted on Asheville turf.  “The Third Dimension” refers to objects in space in which depth is added to height and width. While sculptures are clearly three dimensional, the monoprints of Asman create a dizzying feeling of depth through the juxtaposition of people and the world around them, as well as the layering of special effects done in the darkroom.  

There is also a philosophic meaning to “third dimension” in which the reality or significance is intensified by the added dimensions. The works of Asman, Medford and Siveriver are all contemplative, and the deeper one looks, the more there is to be seen and felt.

                                                                    Fleshing Together  by  Robert Asman , Gelatin silver print, 20"h x 24"w, $1,250

                                                                    Fleshing Together by Robert Asman, Gelatin silver print, 20"h x 24"w, $1,250

                                                                    Dialogue  by  Amy Medford , Bronze, 24"h x 10" x 11", $11,800

                                                                    Dialogue by Amy Medford, Bronze, 24"h x 10" x 11", $11,800

The Ramble at Biltmore Forest 2014

The Ramble at Biltmore Forest 2014

Artetude Going Places

Our calendar is quickly filling up as our 2015 season promises to be a big success!  We have already scheduled dates in June, July and Augest for The Ramble at Biltmore Forest and The Cliffs at Walnut Cove!  

If you would like to host an artistic event that is sure to inspire and delight, or desire the attentive input of our staff regarding art acquisition for your space, please do not hesitate to contact us via: (828) 252-1466 or director@artetudegallery.com

Featured Artist for April:
Karen Titus Smith

Form has been an important element in Smith's process as a painter.  Her masterly crafted two-dimensional works deconstruct popular images into disassociating yet thoughtful and unique pattens and colors. Her inspiration draws from her daily life, such as the beauty of her natural surroundings or a significant event. Her work stems from anything that impacts her thoughts, inspires a form, a shape, or an idea, which she then explores in a visual format. She plays imagery against media, mixing objective and subjective “pushes”, enjoying the interaction between the contrasting imagery and forms.

Untitled  by  Karen Titus Smith , Oil on canvas, 27"h x 22"w, $4,200

Untitled by Karen Titus Smith, Oil on canvas, 27"h x 22"w, $4,200

United Way of Asheville
& Buncombe County present:  
Students @ Work-  Arts & Culture Day at Artetude Gallery

Big thanks to a United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County for helping us put on a super fun and educational event!   Students from Enka Middle School, North Buncombe Middle School, and Valley Springs Middle School were welcomed for a personal tour of our gallery.  Gallery Director Amy Medford and Gallery Assistant Jonathan Carlson were on hand to answer questions regarding our art and our artists and explore the importance of art and education in the lives of our young scholars.  

Gallery Director and artist Amy Medford answers questions from middle schoolers during Students @ Work - Art & Culture Day at Artetude Gallery.  

Gallery Director and artist Amy Medford answers questions from middle schoolers during Students @ Work - Art & Culture Day at Artetude Gallery.

We host events!

Do you need an inspiring, centrally located and sophisticated venue for your special event? Whatever the occasion, we would love to host it for you. Please contact us at (828) 252-1466 or email director@artetudegallery.com for more information on pricing and other details.

Asheville collage artist Grant Penny brings show to Artetude

"Asheville artist Grant Penny has been a busy graphic designer for 18 years, creating websites and brand identities for medical manufacturing companies. That work is creative, he says, “but it didn’t quite scratch that itch, because it’s very client driven.”

For more personal expression, he turned to painting and printmaking. Then he had what he calls his “Eureka moment” about eight years ago.

He was making prints by cutting botanical images into blocks of wood or linoleum, inking them and printing on sheets of paper handmade in Nepal. Then he asked himself, “What if I cut the image out of the paper instead?”

A top sheet, with cutout lines of branches or leaves, became a reverse silhouette when layered against a contrasting bottom sheet.

“I’ve got something here I really like,” the artist said, “so I was hooked. I started doing these a lot, which really did scratch that itch.”

Destination Unnecessary  by  Grant Penny , Paper collage on cradled panel, 24"h x 48"w, $1,600

Destination Unnecessary by Grant Penny, Paper collage on cradled panel, 24"h x 48"w, $1,600

Repertoire of themes

Going beyond his early botanical images, Penny now has a repertoire of themes: telephone poles and wires, bicycles, fire escapes, paper airplanes. They speak to his eye for simple, bold shapes. The flat figures emerge from a slightly mottled monochrome plane to create a mysterious space of their own.

A recurring motif of a man with an umbrella — standing, striding, holding the umbrella aloft — may stand for the artist himself. He titles the series “Ongoing Inner Dialogue.”

A new selection of Penny’s works, which he calls paper collages, is on display at Artetude Gallery in downtown Asheville in a group show that opens with a free public reception from 5-8 p.m. Friday.

It’s part of the Downtown Asheville Gallery Association’s monthly Art Walk, which runs during the same hours and includes 23 galleries and shops. For a complete list of participants, visit downtownashevilleartdistrict.org.

Penny, 41, moved to Asheville in 2003 from Sanford, North Carolina, with his wife, now a fourth-grade teacher at North Buncombe Elementary. Their daughter was born in 2011.

His mother and stepfather were graphic artists, so “I grew up in their studios,” he said. After graphics training at a community college near Wilmington, he worked with them. His uncle, an advertising man in Boston, sent clients their way, and Penny still has many of the same ones.

The couple chose Asheville, he said, because, “It’s a small town with all this stuff we would want in a big city. The art community is strong. People here seem genuinely happy.”

Because he was somewhat isolated in his home studio in East Asheville (“It’s not like I was rubbing elbows with other artists in the River Arts District,” he said), he began contributing work to the annual art auction of OpenDoors of Asheville, a nonprofit focused on lifting children out of poverty.

“That’s where I got to meet a lot of artists,” he said.

Meeting collectors

Penny found collectors for his work when he began showing at the downtown Minerva Gallery, which closed in December.

One of those collectors is Nancy Chapman, the owner of Pendleton Interiors in Arden. The first time she saw his work, she said, “I was mesmerized. I loved the simplicity and the little bit of whimsy that was incorporated into every piece.”

In addition to steering her clients to Penny’s work, she commissioned him to do some pieces for herself.

“I asked him to do something he has never done again,” she said. “A lot of what I’ve done has been working with homeowners from dirt to move-in.” Penny made paper collages from blueprints of three of the homes.

“It’s very special to me,” she said. “I actually worked on those houses. Many people couldn’t look at that blueprint and see the house, but I can.”

Another collector of Penny’s work is Michelle LeBlanc, a physician at the Western Carolina Women’s Specialty Center. Like Chapman, she said it is important that art in her home has personal meaning. “Buying from local artists,” she said, “and supporting the Asheville art community is a great way to do this.”

She bought three of Penny’s small botanical works first and then a large piece of a bike for her husband’s birthday.

“I love that he can take a simple object like a bike or a tree or a paper airplane and have it evoke in me a feeling of freedom and joy,” she said. “I would have bought more if I had any free walls!”


What: Asheville artist Grant Penny shows new works he calls paper collages in a group show with Suzy Schultz of Atlanta and Karen Titus Smith of Pemberton, New Jersey.

Where: Artetude Gallery, 89 Patton Ave., downtown Asheville.

When: A free public opening reception will be 5-8 p.m. April 3 during the First Friday Art Walk of the Downtown Asheville Gallery Association. The exhibit runs through May 31; the gallery is open 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

Learn more: Visit www.artetudegallery.com or www.grantpenny.com or call 828-252-1466."

Written by Arnold Wengrow, Citizen-Times correspondent:  http://www.citizen-times.com/story/life/2015/04/02/asheville-collage-artist-grant-penny-brings-show-artetude/70719776/

Come Celebrate: New Artists, Old Friends April 3rd - May 26th

                                                                Suzy Schultz  ,  Struggle , Solar Plate Etching, 16" x 11"

                                                               Suzy SchultzStruggle, Solar Plate Etching, 16" x 11"

Artetude invites you to come celebrate the end of a long, cold winter as the gallery's newest artists, Suzy Shultz and Grant Penny, share the showcase with gallery luminary Karen Titus Smith in an exhibition that is sure to please.
Artetude Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in downtown Asheville, invites art lovers to come celebrate the end of a long, cold winter as the gallery's newest artists, Suzy Shultz and Grant Penny, share the showcase with gallery luminary Karen Titus Smith in an exhibition that is sure to please. The show will open on April 3 and will continue through May 31, 2015. Refreshments will be served on April 3 from 5-8 PM as First Friday Art walks return to Artetude Gallery as part of the Downtown Asheville Gallery Association’s monthly gallery walk.
Suzy Shultz is an award winning artist whose poignant etchings capture the scars born from the battles of life and the dignity that comes with survival. Schultz is a master of “solar plate etching”, an etching technique that is friendlier to the environment and relies on the sun to make her imprints. She then goes over the etching with pastel and charcoal. Her works appear in numerous magazines and books throughout the U.S.

Grant Penny builds on his training as a graphic designer as he uses handmade papers to create fine art collages that are sublimely sophisticated in their simplicity. He mounts them on cradled boards that pop out of the wall. Grant is a North Carolina native, who has lived in Asheville since 2003.

Grant Penny     , An Example of How Simple it Must be to Build a Bridge , Paper Collage on Cradled panel, 36" x 36"

Grant Penny, An Example of How Simple it Must be to Build a Bridge, Paper Collage on Cradled panel, 36" x 36"

New Jersey-based artist Karen Titus Smith will be displaying paintings focused on themes from nature, some of which display stunning detail in their realism, and others in which the images have been broken down from their original forms and reconstructed in unique and visually captivating ways. She has won numerous awards, and her works are found in prestigious private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. and abroad. 

Karen Titus Smith, AB Plant, Acrylic on canvas, 42" x 42"

Karen Titus Smith, AB Plant, Acrylic on canvas, 42" x 42"

Artetude at the Airport

Robert Winkler's "Looking Through You One & Two", stainless steel & enamel

Robert Winkler's "Looking Through You One & Two", stainless steel & enamel

If you've been flying in or out of the Asheville Regional Airport, you may have noticed their current Art in the Airport gallery is now displaying nearly all of the local artists also being featured on our gallery walls! Next time you fly, take a peek at some of the masterful works on display from Asheville area artists Robert WinklerBarbara FisherRobert AsmanJo Ridge KelleyAmy Medford and Leonid Siveriver.

Season of Sculpture

It will be “A Season of Sculpture” at Artetude Gallery this month. Featured will be works by three internationally recognized sculptors. 

Robert Winkler says of his sculptures, “My works begin as ideas based on form, volume, and balance. At each stage of development, the exploration of light and shadow and the push against the force of gravity describe the tension of the human experience, the conflict between the limitations imposed by our individual histories, and the ability of our minds to imagine other possibilities.” 

Amy Medford’s sculptures bring out the natural qualities of the materials she uses, and communicate the subtleties of interpersonal relationships. She graduated with a degree in theatre history from Cornell University, and went on to earn an apprenticeship at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute for Sculpture in New Jersey. It was there she mastered the “lost wax” technique of bronze casting. 

Leonid Siveriver’s creations evoke a powerful visual language that is inspired by ritual objects from ancient cultures. The iridescent sheen on his sculptures is the result of an unpredictable, and therefore exciting, process that is reminiscent of the original Japanese raku tradition.

Mountain Xpress features Artetude Gallery

"At Artetude Gallery on Patton Ave., artist Leonid Siveriver blends mediums with his piece, “Motion.” Siveriver displayed a variety of pieces Dec. 5 during the last First Friday Art Walk of the season. (The gallery crawl series resumes again in April.) He said the idea of “Motion” came from photography — it’s a bronze casting of a man’s head, but it’s got a blur to it. “I wanted to show the same range of motion you’d see when taking a photo of someone with a slow shutter speed. It’s blurry when there’s movement,” Siveriver said."


Art Walks every month!

Did you know we have events every first Friday of the month?  Join us every month on the first Friday for the downtown Asheville Art Walk!  Every month from 5-8pm we debut our newest exhibition.  There will be adult beverages for those of age, and snacks for all!  

These events are a great way to get to know the Artetude family and see new art every month!  Be sure to sign up for our mailing list while you are here as we have plenty of other events, too.


June 2014 Art Walk

June 2014 Art Walk

2nd Anniversary Celebration, this Friday

Don't miss our Second Anniversary Celebration this Friday, June 6th from 5-8pm.

We are celebrating this special time with the opening of our June exhibit "On the Verge."  We are in the process of installing the exhibit this week and can't wait to reveal new work by photographer Robert Asman and sculptor Leonid Siveriver.  Both artist's bring a unique, cutting edge to the gallery.  

Friday June 6th (During the Downtown Asheville Art Walk!)


There will be a champagne toast and refreshments!


"Untitled" by Robert Asman, silver gelatin print

"Untitled" by Robert Asman, silver gelatin print

Sculptor Robert Winkler joins Artetude

Artetude Gallery is excited to announce the addition of sculptor Robert Winkler during summer 2014.  Robert has a great history of creating indoor and outdoor sculpture.  His sculptures begin as ideas, based on form, volume and balance.  We will be displaying his art in the gallery later this summer.

More about Robert Winkler and his sculptures can be read here.

"Winding Out" by Robert Winkler

"Winding Out" by Robert Winkler

New Artist, Barbara Fisher May 2014

Artetude Gallery is honored to add local Asheville artist Barbara Fisher to our group of unique and talented artists this month.  Fisher has a great history of representation spanning four decades and both coasts.  Fisher's work is included in many public collections such as the Foundation for the Carolinas in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Asheville Art Museum and the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

"Wake up Call", mixed media on wood panel, 36" x 42"

"Wake up Call", mixed media on wood panel, 36" x 42"

Kotara Opening at Ogelthorpe University Museum of Art

Congratulations to Artetude Gallery’s artist Kenn Kotara.  Kenn was invited to create Braille art which is being featured in Optic Chiasm: The Crossing Over of Art and Science at the Ogelthorpe University Museum of Art (OUMA) in Atlanta, GA, through 4 May.

Artetude Gallery owner,  Dr. Margaret "Kenny" Offermann  (left) stands with artist in front of Kotara's braille art installation at OUMA.

Artetude Gallery owner, Dr. Margaret "Kenny" Offermann (left) stands with artist in front of Kotara's braille art installation at OUMA.

Asman exhibits in Tryon, NC

On Friday March 21st, "18 Ways To See: Selected Bold Life Artists" opened at the Upstairs Artspace in Tryon, North Carolina.  The exhibit features work by Artetude resident artist Robert Asman.  The exhibit at Upstairs Artspace was curated by Bold Life founders and publishers Mary DiOrio and Rimas Zailskas.  Zaliskas and DiOrio selected works by artists who had been previously featured in the pages of Bold Life Magazine.  A review by Bold Life of the exhibition can be read here.

Asman was featured in the February 5, 2013 edition of Bold Life in the appropriately titled article "Excavations".  Asman is known for his manipulated darkroom creations.  His work can be seen at Artetude Gallery on regular rotation. 

Siveriver to exhibit at Mason-Murer Fine Art of Atlanta, Georgia

Artetude Gallery is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia in which one of our nationally represented artists, Leonid Siveriver, will be exhibiting several of his distinctive and provocative sculptural works as part of a group exhibition entitled “Old Friends and New Faces”. The exhibition opens at Mason Murer with an artists’ reception on March 28 from 6-9pm and will run through 2 May 2014. Mason Murer is Atlanta’s largest fine art gallery whose American Institute of Architects award-winning 24,000 square-foot space is unique in its scope and its offerings by focusing on a continually evolving selection of high quality contemporary works by regional, national, and international artists. Siveriver’s exhibition catalogue, “The Spirits 2014 Exhibition”, is available in print or online. For more information, contact Mason Murer Fine Art (199 Armour Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30324, Tel: 404-879-1500, www.masonmurer.info, info@masonmurer.com) or Artetude Gallery (89 Patton Ave, Asheville, North Carolina 28801, Tel: 828-252-1466, www.artetudegallery.com, info@artetudegallery.com).

                    Click the Image to see the Full Exhibition Catalog

                    Click the Image to see the Full Exhibition Catalog

Zalisko installation, Asheville Citizen Times


Artetude has just received the much anticipated works from our newest artist addition, Pat Zalisko.  Her acrylic and mixed media abstracts will be hung in the gallery today!  Stop by 89 Patton Avenue on this lovely day and view our newest installation. 

In coordination with the addition of Zalisko to the gallery, we are excited to announce that she is mentioned in an article in The Citizen TImes this month.  Read the full article here.

Artetude Gallery Partners with Show Homes

Artetude Gallery is excited to partner with Show Homes - Home Staging of Western North Carolina in providing art for the staging of a luxury condominium at 21 Battery Park in downtown Asheville. 21 Battery Park has been recognized as  being the, “best luxury condo downtown Asheville has to offer”. Please refer to the Artetude Gallery Facebook page for additional images of this remarkable space and how well our artists work features in a fully curated home by Artetude director Cynthia Fountain.

We are excited to feature works in this stunning luxury condominium by Artetude artists, Robert AsmanJeanne BessetteJo Ridge KelleyKenn KotaraAlyson MarkellAmy Medford and Karen Titus-Smith.

Pat Zalisko will join Artetude in February 2014

Pat Zalisko, ©2013 Katherine Godina, KG Design

Pat Zalisko, ©2013 Katherine Godina, KG Design

We are delighted to announce that nationally recognized abstract artist Pat Zalisko will be joining Artetude Gallery in February.

One of her first creative experiences involved childhood memories of painting intricate Ukrainian eggs. Many years later, her powerful and evocative abstract work often echoes the bright coloration of pysanky. This distinctly feminist art form was developed thousands of years earlier and has ritualistically been taught to Ukrainian girls and women. Born and raised in New York City, she was encouraged to pursue a practical career as an attorney.  She retired from a successful legal career and fully embraced her passion for painting in her new Florida environs. Over the past several years, her art has regularly appeared in major private and public collections in the United States and abroad. Most recently, she was selected for inclusion in the prestigious Florida Biennial at the Museum of Florida Art, and her piece, Sidestepper, was published by the New York Times in June 2009 and subsequently featured in the exhibition, Rise-Fall, commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

When asked what inspires her creativity, Zalisko explained that, “My art comes from a place that’s visceral, a place of sensation and emotion without thinking or analysis.” Zalisko notes, “while assertively applying drawing and painting elements on supports, powerful memories and perceptions bubble up. Prompts, like music and reading, trigger recollections of poignant events. Responses are recorded and explored as I toggle back and forth between this cognitive state and my instincts and intuition.”

The resulting visual language is a metaphor for life’s transitions and experience.  Her work will be on view in the gallery beginning February 1, 2014.


Jo Ridge Kelley Wine Collection Served for Artwalk

Jo Ridge Kelley, of Artetude Gallery has been honored with her work being featured on the label designs for North Carolina Wine Gifts of Asheville. Her labels use her recent paintings and will be served at Artetude Gallery during the First Friday ArtWalk, November 1st 2013.
The soft-edged, expressive paintings of Jo Ridge Kelley are as much about emotional connection as they are about visual expression. Since childhood, growing up on a dairy farm in rural North Carolina, Kelley has felt a deep-rooted bond with nature’s perennial beauty and power. Every stroke of her paintbrush or palette knife is flowing with this lifelong passion as evidenced by the bold and powerful color harmonies and soothing organic textures.

The paintings of Jo Ridge Kelley are seen in many private and corporate collections throughout the country and across the globe. Her work was featured in American Art Collector magazine, on the cover of “The Laurel of Asheville” magazine and numerous regional publications. Jo Ridge Kelley lives in Waynesville, NC with her husband, artist/ musician Ed Kelley. 


Zenaida Romeu, acclaimed Cuban conductor, visits Artetude Gallery

We were honored last night by an extended visit to Artetude Gallery by Zenaida Romeu, the internationally acclaimed and award-winning Cuban musician, cultural ambassador and conductor/founder of the first all-woman string orchestra in Latin America, Camerata Romeu. Ms. Romeu is in the United States giving a series of presentations and performances at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina and was accompanied on her 2.5 hr drive “into the Western North Carolina mountains” by her host Professor Linda Howe of the Department of Latin American Studies at Wake Forest.

Ms. Romeu is Orchestral Conductor, Choral Director, and Professor at the Superior Institute of Art in Havana and as granddaughter of legendary Cuban musician Antonio María Romeu, she represents the third generation of a family of notable Cuban musicians. She is the founder of the chamber choir Cohesión (1982), choir Estudio Lírico (1989), and Camerata Romeu (1993). She has conducted and performed with international figures such as French composer and pianist Michel Legrand, Brazilian composer, guitarist, and pianist Egberto Gismonti, and Mexican flautist and recorder player Horacio Franco. Romeu and the Camerata have been nominated for Latin Grammys and have won various Cuba Disco awards, the Marsella Medal, the Philadelphia Bell, Illustrious Guest of the City of Los Angeles, the Giraldilla Award, and the Order of Cuba.

Please click here for an extraordinary recent performance of Ms. Romeru conducting the Camerata Romeu at the 2011 Festival Cervantino in Mexico which is the most important international artistic and cultural event in Latin America. The violinist shown in the above photo is from the video for that performance.